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Baby Head Shaping Pillow: All you Need to Know

Baby head shaping pillows, also known as infant positioning pillows, are designed to help prevent flat head syndrome and promote healthy head shaping in infants. These pillows provide gentle support for a baby's head and neck, which can help prevent flat spots from forming on the skull. Here, we discuss the use and importance of baby head shaping pillows, as well as when the best time to use them is. 

Importance of Baby Head Shaping Pillows:

Flat head syndrome, also known as positional plagiocephaly, is a condition that can occur when a baby spends too much time lying in one position. The condition can cause a flattening of the skull, which can lead to developmental delays and other problems if left untreated. Baby head shaping pillows can help prevent this condition by providing gentle support for the head and neck while the baby sleeps.

Baby Shaping Pillow

When is the Best Time to Use Baby Head Shaping Pillows:

The best time to start using a baby head shaping pillow is during the first few months of life when a baby's skull is still soft and malleable. This is also the time when a baby is most susceptible to developing flat spots on their head. It is important to note that baby head shaping pillows should only be used under the guidance of a pediatrician or other medical professional.

How to Use Baby Head Shaping Pillows:

  1. Choose the right pillow: Select a pillow that is designed specifically for infant head shaping and is made of a soft, breathable material.

  2. Use the pillow for supervised sleep: Baby head shaping pillows should only be used during supervised sleep, such as during nap time or overnight.

  3. Position the baby correctly: Place the baby on their back with the head shaping pillow under their head. Make sure that the baby's head is centered on the pillow and that their neck is in a natural position.

  4. Do not use the pillow for extended periods: Baby head shaping pillows should not be used for extended periods of time or while a baby is awake. It is important to give babies plenty of time for tummy time and other activities that promote healthy development.


In conclusion, baby head shaping pillows can be a helpful tool for preventing flat head syndrome and promoting healthy head shaping in infants. However, they should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional and during supervised sleep. By using baby head shaping pillows correctly, parents can help ensure that their baby's head develops properly and that they are at a lower risk of developing flat spots on their skull.

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