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Breathable and Sweat-Absorbing Quilted Baby Pillow




Features: Anti-Apnea, Head Shaping Pillow, Soft, Absorbent, breathable, Chemicals-Free

Size: 25x40cm / 9.84x15.75"

Season: Four Seasons

Material: Cotton - top layer, Polyester Mesh - Botton Layer

Gender: Unisex

Filling: Polyester, Cotton


Introducing our Breathable and Sweat-Absorbing Quilted Baby Pillow! Measuring 25x40cm, this pillow is designed to keep your little one comfortable and dry all night long.

The breathable and sweat-absorbing materials ensure optimal airflow and moisture-wicking, while the quilted design provides extra cushioning and support for your baby's head and neck. Perfect for a peaceful and cozy sleep, this baby pillow is a must-have for any parent.