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Cotton Toddler Pillow with Lovely Embroidery




Material: Cotton

Filling: Polyester

Gender: unisex

Pillow Size: A. 25x40cm / 9.84x15.75; B. 30x50cm / 11.81x19.69"

Best for: Toddlers

Features: Embroidery


Introducing our High-Quality Cotton Pillow designed specifically for toddlers, a blend of comfort and charm for your little one's restful sleep. 

What sets this pillow apart is the delightful touch of personality brought by the lovely embroidery. Choose from an array of adorable patterns that add a playful and endearing element to your toddler's bedding. Each embroidery is crafted with meticulous detail, creating a pillow that's not just functional but also a whimsical addition to the nursery.