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Quilted Cotton Crib Railguard Covers with Lovely Embroidery




Material: Cotton

Features: Quilted, embroidered

Washing Instructions: Hand Wash


Introducing our Crib Rail Covers, the perfect blend of style and protection for your baby's crib. Crafted from quilted cotton, these covers provide a soft, cushioned barrier for the top rails, ensuring your little one stays safe and the crib stays in pristine condition.

Featuring beautiful embroidery, our crib rail covers are available in a variety of charming patterns to suit any nursery decor. From playful animals to delicate florals, each design adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to your baby's space.

Easy to install, these covers are designed to fit securely over the top rails, protecting them from teething marks and wear while providing a comfortable surface for your baby to touch. Enhance the look of your nursery while adding an extra layer of safety with our stylish and functional Crib Rail Covers.