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Soft Cotton Baby Crib Set: 1x Crib Sheet and 4x Crib Protectors




Features: Reactive Printing

Material: 100% Cotton

Grade: Grade A

Gender: Unisex

Crib Protector Height: 28-30cm


Introducing our Soft Cotton 5-Piece Baby Crib Set, the perfect addition to your baby's nursery. This set includes one crib sheet and four crib protectors, designed to fit a crib size of 120x65cm.

Made from high-quality soft cotton material, this crib set provides a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your little one. The breathable fabric ensures proper ventilation and airflow, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture that can lead to discomfort or irritability.

This set comes in a variety of prints and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect style to match your nursery decor. 

The crib sheet provides a soft and comfortable surface for your baby to sleep on, while the crib protectors offer added protection against bumps and bruises. 

We understand that your baby's safety and health is a top priority, which is why our Soft Cotton 5-Piece Baby Crib Set is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. You can rest assured that your baby is sleeping on a safe and healthy surface.