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Quilted Cotton Pillow with Embroidery and Contrast Piping

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Material: 100% Cotton

Filling: Polyester

Gender: baby unisex

Pillow Size: 30x50cm / 11.81x19.69"

Best for: Toddlers

Features: Embroidery, Piping, Removable & Washable Cover


Introducing our Quilted Cotton Pillow with Embroidery and Contrast Piping – a perfect blend of elegance and comfort for your toddler's bedtime. This meticulously crafted pillow is designed with premium quilted cotton, providing a plush and supportive surface for a peaceful night's sleep.

What sets this pillow apart is the artful touch of embroidery, offering a variety of charming patterns to choose from. Each embroidery is a delightful detail that adds a personalized and whimsical touch to your toddler's bedding, making bedtime a joyous experience.

The extra charm comes from the contrast piping that outlines the pillow, creating a sophisticated and stylish look. The subtle yet distinctive detailing enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, elevating the pillow into a statement piece for your toddler's sleep space.

Practicality meets convenience with the removable and washable pillow cover. Accidents happen, and we've made sure that maintaining a clean and hygienic sleep environment for your toddler is effortless.