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Warm Waffle Cotton Toddler Blanket with Beautiful Embroidery

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Material: Waffle Cotton

Filling: Polyester

Season: Autumn, Winter

Size: 100x120cm / 39.37x47.20", 120x150cm / 47.20x59.06"


Introducing our Warm and Soft Toddler Blanket made from waffle cotton, the perfect companion for your little one's cozy moments. This blanket comes with options tailored for every season, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

For the colder season, our Winter option features a snug filling inside, providing extra warmth and insulation against chilly temperatures. As the weather transitions to milder Spring days, the Spring option offers a lighter feel for the perfect mid-season snuggle.

These blankets are not just about comfort; they are adorned with delightful animal embroideries that bring a special charm to your toddler's room. The lovingly crafted designs create a whimsical atmosphere, making bedtime an enchanting experience.

The waffle cotton material adds an extra layer of softness, ensuring that your toddler is surrounded by warmth and coziness. Whether it's a chilly winter night or a breezy spring afternoon, these blankets are designed to be the perfect, year-round companions.