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Our Story

We are Ana and Sarah, expatriate Mommies living in Dubai. We met through the local Moms’ community, where women from all over the world meet and share their stories, experience and challenges through the motherhood journey.

Through this amazing community, we found support, advice, and tricks of the trade, but we also realized that we faced the same challenges in finding the right products in the baby shops, despite the big choice of brands available in UAE. For example:

  • Mainstream baby shops are usually split in blue and pink sections, and the baby & toddler fashion is often very limited
  • Certain brands do produce high quality and good design baby fashion & accessories, but the price is usually expensive and hard to justify when your little one grows up so fast
  • Feeding sets, teethers and toys are frequently made of plastic, and very often we do not know how safe they are for the children

We believe baby fashion & products have no limit, they can be amazingly creative, sustainable, natural and safe, and they should be affordable and accessible to all. So, we have decided to be that change that we want to see in the Moms’ world. 

The following solutions have formed the core values of our company:

  • Value No 1: Every Child is unique and special, and they need to be treated in the same way. Rather than focusing on baby’s and toddler’s gender and its attributes (most of our clothes are unisex), we focus on their interests, passion, personality. Our store has wide selection of loose & soft cotton sets that are great for running outside for active children. At the same time, we offer various natural stacking toys that are perfect for children that love solving puzzles, as well as building blocks and drawing boards for the creative ones. Basically, we offer different tools to help mommies to embrace the talents of their little ones and help them develop and shine.
  • Value No. 2: Natural, Baby safe and Chemical free products

We’ve made extensive research on what is the best materials for babies and toddlers, and created our collections from the following products:

  1. Natural Products

We mainly focus on 100% natural or mostly natural products (90-95% natural).

Thus, we not only care for your baby’s safety and comfort but limit the amount of plastic and synthetic waste that goes to the landfills every year.

* Some products require a few percent of spandex or nylon composition to allow some stretching or durability that natural materials will not allow

  1. Organic Products

We have an organic collection to take extra care for your baby’s sensitive skin

  1. Food Grade Products

These products can be natural or man-made, but most importantly, they are absolutely safe for your child to chew or put in their moth. For example, silicone is a man-made product, but this is an excellent choice for the feeding sets and teethers.

  1. Chemical-Free Products

All our products are non-toxic and chemical free, as your baby’s safety is our priority. Some products like soft toys fillers, swimsuits, baby monitors, etc. cannot be made from natural ingredients, therefore we made sure they are made from chemical free ingredients and safe for your baby.

  • Value No.3: Better Value for lower price.

We understand that good design and natural products come at a higher price, but we found solutions to deliver good quality products at affordable price. We’ve decided to cut the cost of the packaging, labeling, middle men and shipping, without compromising on the products quality. We also work with various manufacturers to satisfy the needs of every family.

  • Value No.4: Taking responsibility for your baby’s footprint.

Your baby cannot choose how much garbage is created by their used diapers, but we give you an opportunity to make the right choice for them. We have a beautiful reusable cloth diaper collection that will last long and save a lot of money at the same time, while minimizing the diapers waste to a bare minimum.

We hope our products will bring joy to you and your little one. We’ll be very glad to hear your feedback or suggestions as we are aiming to grow and improve with every step we take, and we cannot do it without you. 

Happy browsing!

Ana & Sara XOX